Bought a new camera today - it’s pretty cool.

The Fujifilm X-T10 is probably one of the most expensive things I have ever bought. It’s also one of the nicest things I have ever bought. Photography is something that I have admired and enjoyed for quite some time. At my house right now, there’s a collection of probably about 300 National Geographic magazines, which was something my dad collected throughout my childhood. As I (literally) tore through these magazines as a child, the art of photography was something that I began to grow more and more fond of. Fast forward to the time I got my first smartphone: the app I used consistently the most was the camera app, and by a huge margin. Yes, it beat even Facebook and Messages.

For the entire time I have had a smartphone, I have always tried to take high quality photographs, pushing myself to learn and adopt photography techniques that were at times out my reach due to the limitations of my tool. I distinctly felt the pangs of wanting a better camera two years ago when I took a trip around the world through Indonesia, India, and England. The trip was legendary, and I took some legendary photos, but I was restricted by the iPhone’s camera, specifically with it’s shortcomings with zoom and clarity.

I am setting out today to try this camera out in the streets of Tokyo, and see how well it performs. Will post any cool photos I take!